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2017年度 GLICE日本 支社 設立


2017年度 GLICE日本 支社 設立

To all of the viewers,

We J-Planning International Ltd., would like to express our appreciation for your support over the years. As we continue to go from year to year we continue to progress in the area of fun, excitement and entertainment. We love to see you enjoying yourself at our events and seasonal projects that we do. We are also looking into a lot of new locations year round where you will be able to take a trip over the weekend or maybe a countrywide tour. Representing Glice in Japan could not come at a better time. We are very very excited to bring “new” ideas for your new customers that would bring a valuable experience and memorable experience. We look forward to seeing you at a rink and we are very excited to get everything kicked off in Japan. Please join us in our adventure and feel free to message.

Best Regards,

Tamami Dobashi (President of J-Planning International)





J-Planning International

株式会社ジェイプランニングインターナショナル 新しい発想を大切に、プランニングした企画を様々な形へと創り上げていくことを得意としています。